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CNC Machine Repair and conversion.

CNC machine Repair and Conversion for existing old machiones such as Denford / Boxford / Bridgeport, Axis, XYZ, Pacer to name but a few we can convert  both Lathes and CNC Milling machines / routers and many others. Dont throw your machine away because it does not have modern software why no convert it. We will convert any machine to run on mach 3 / Linux EMC. See the examples below. We will convert anything see below models we regularly convert.

We also offer Mach 3 , Linux EMC , SheetCam, Vectric V-Carve, Aspire and Corel Draw Training at our facility here in Melton Mowbray.

Boxford Duet converted to Mach 3 Denford Triac converted to Mach 3 CNC

CNC Manual Lathe convertions to CNC from £1500

If you require training here on site a  ½ Days training can be arranged for £250 Scroll Down Boxford Duet to Mach 3 conversion £500 + Software

Denford Triac to Mach 3 conversion

£500 + Software

Bridgeport Mach 3 CNC Conversion Lathe converted from Manual to CNC

Bridgeport Series 1 to Mach 3 conversion