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Introduction to BladeCalc

This program was originally written to ease building of a plug to produce glass fibre rotor blades for small wind turbines . The program uses Betz Theorem to calculate the required shape of the rotor blade.

Production of Jig templates

This program can produce blades in 2 ways:

1. Produce templates for a jig from which a planked plug can be built.

2. Produce 3 Dimensional blade profile for cutting on a CNC machine.

Automatic Blade Generation

The program can compute a blade shape given only minimal parameters:

Technical Data

The program will also calculate:

3D DXF output for C.A.D and CAM programs

 The program will also produce DXF files, which can be used as input to Computer Aided Design program / CAM Software I.E Meshcam. This allows you to produce your turbine blades via CNC with NO knowledge of 3D drawing or blade design needed.

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