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3d Printer - Examplar 3D 3d Printer - Examplar 3D

Exemplar 3D - £1400 exc. vat

If you require training here on site a  ½ Days training can be arranged for £250 Exemplar 3D - £1995 + Vat PayPal: Add Exemplar 3D to cart 3D printer Control Box 3 / 4 Axis 2.5 Amp CNC control Box PayPal: Add 1/2 Days Training to cart Scroll Down to see samples Click for Price List

Exemplar 3D - PLA or ABS Model’s

3D Printer - fully built.

Exemplar 3D printer designed to print in both ABS and PLA

If you need to produce 3D Pototype parts in a short turn arround then look no further, the Exemplar 3D is here and at £1000 ready to run.


So How does it work ?

1.Simply draw / import you 3D model (STL) into the Slicer program.

2. Choose Definition. (Layer height)

3. Choose material to make your model from (either ABS or PLA)

4. Print your 3D object.

5. Use object. :)