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Z90 CNC Milling Machine

CNC Router / CNC Milling Machine

CNC Milling / cnc routing machines upto 10ftx5ft


CurveCut, Cut 3d, V-Carve & Mach 3 / Routout EMC Software are fully compatible with our Z90 Machines and will allow you to run the machine to it's full capability.

NB. All machines are supplied free with Routout EMC Software but Windows  & Mach3 software can be purchased at an additional cost of £97.00

If you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us.

CNC Routers  are suitable for plastics, wood & metals.

All Machines now include shipping cost to the UK and the USA or can picked up from our UK Depot or delivered please  call to confirm shipping cost.

4ft X4 4ft CNC - Router Z90XL Desktop CNC Machine - Routout CNC Z90L CNC Router Head - Routout CNC Z90SL

Z90 XL 4ft x 4ft CNC Router - £6185 exc. Vat (Complete Package)

Z90 SL (8ft x 4ft) - CNC Router £7645 (complete Package)

Z90L CNC Router - £4595 Full Package

For piece of mind please see below some of the companies we have supplied our machines to:

CNC Router - Z90 Router cutting sample sign Router repeatability test Router moving round bed CNC Mill - Z90 Routout CNC Head Router Head Z90 Series CNC Control Box 2.5 Amp CNC Controller Scroll Down to see samples Click for Price List

Z90  - £3235+ Vat

Approx Cutting Area (Z90B:)  X= 346mm , Y=260mm , Z=100mm

Accuracy -+0.1mm  (overall 0.2mm)

Z90L  - £3945+ Vat (Rack and Pinion)

Appox Cutting Area (Z90L:)  X= 895mm , Y=380mm , Z=100mm

Accuracy -+0.4mm  (overall 0.8mm)

Z92F  - £4889 + Vat (Rack and Pinion)

Approx Cutting Area (Z90XL:) 2ft X 4ft, Z=100mm

Accuracy -+0.4mm  (overall 0.8mm)  

Z90XL  - £6185 + Vat (Rack and Pinion)

Approx Cutting Area (Z90XL:)  X= 1195mm , Y=1180mm , Z=100mm

Accuracy -+0.4mm  (overall 0.8mm)  

Z90SL  - £7795 + Vat (Rack and Pinion)

Approx Cutting Area (Z90SL:)  X= 2500mm , Y=1300mm , Z=100mm

Accuracy -+0.4mm  (overall 0.8mm)

Z90 Whopper (10ft X 5ft ) Inc Free training DVD - £8917 + Vat

(Rack and Pinion)

Approx Cutting Area (Z90 Whopper:)  X= 10ft , Y=5ft , Z=100mm

Accuracy -+0.4mm  (overall 0.8mm)  

Please Note we can also provide custom sizes.

CNC Routers / CNC Machines Pricing

Complete System Nothing Else Needed !

 All CNC Routing systems include the following :

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Ball Screw  Model

Z90BL  - £6154 + Vat

Appox Cutting Area (Z90BL)  X= 895mm , Y=380mm , Z=100mm

Accuracy -+0.1mm  (overall 0.2mm)

If you require training here on site a

½ Days training can be arranged for £250

CNC Plasma Cutters

Sabreforce Plasma Cutter -  Inc SheetCam - £7234 + Vat

Approx Cutting Area  X= 2ft X 4ft, Z=100mm

Accuracy -+0.2mm  (overall 0.4mm)

CNC Lathe

Rturn CNC Lathe Including Mach 3  -- £3945 + Vat

Delivery / Pickup

We always encourage you to pickup you machine as this saves shipping cost and means to can see your machine in action and can do the training in person, we can setup your PC to run the CNC machine allowing you to simply take it with you and start using it. ( We are very close to Melton mowbury - town of pork pies & stilton cheese or rutland water for cycling & watersports - so why not make a weekend of it !! ) However we know this is not always practical so if you do not wish to collect the machine Please see below,

The cost for shipping within the Mainland UK please add the following( Highlands and Ireland Excluded) Shipping prices are subject to change:

Z90 £350

Z90L £400

Z92F £530

Z90XL £560

Z90SL £600

Please note if  you are having the machine shipped it will be packed securely in a packing crate and will arrive in 3 main sections and will require re-assembly (you will need to have basic mechanical skills)

For those of you wishing to pick a CNC machine up your self, please come in an appropriately sized van, see below:

Z90 - Pickup in most small hatchback cars

Z90L - Pickup in most medium hatchback cars

Z92F - Pickup in most pickup trucks / small vans

Z90XL - Pickup in high roof Transit van (empty)

Z90SL - Pickup in Long wheel Base / High roof  Transit.

Cuts 8ft x 4ft Sheet

Cuts 10ft x 5ft sheet